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The value of cybersecurity board and management breifing.



When it comes to cyber security, a perfect storm is brewing as the threat landscape continues to evolve faster than ever, fuelled by innovation, automation and the drive to the cloud. This is compounded by a cyber skill shortage and the growing reputational, financial and legal implications of a cyber breach for company directors and executives.

So as organizations begin and continue to invest in building up their Cybersecurity programs and activities, Board members are required to provide effective Governance and leadership towards ensuring that their respective organizations is reducing risk to acceptable levels. They also need to know how to ensure that their investment into Cybersecurity is going to bring business value.

This 3-Day workshop will equip participants with the following competencies

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  • Gain knowledge towards understanding the growing complex compliance issues arising from legislative, regulatory and industry standards that are coming up around the world.
  • Learn how to build the required governance and management structures for information security
  • Learn strategies on how to ensure business value is continually derived from all the investment.
  • Creating a mindset towards cybersecurity that looks at maximizing the efficacy of cybersecurity.
  • Understanding what to expect from a Cybersecurity report to board

There will also be a Cyber Breach Management Response Simulation exercise which will clearly demonstrate what the expectations from Board and management should be in case of any cyber-attack.

The workshop will be highly practical and interactive with case studies, group presentations and instructor lead sessions.