A penetration test is an attempt to evaluate the security of an IT infrastructure by safely trying to exploit vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities may exist in operating systems, services and application flaws, improper configurations or risky end-user behavior. Such assessments are also useful in validating the efficacy of defensive mechanisms, as well as, end-user adherence to security policies. 

A Vulnerability assessment is an attempt to evaluate the security of an software application by safely trying to exploit vulnerabilities.

Details about any security vulnerabilities successfully exploited through the Innovare VAPT service will be aggregated and presented to enable strategic conclusions to be made and prioritize related remediation efforts. The fundamental purpose of penetration testing is to measure the feasibility of systems or end-user compromise and evaluate any related consequences such incidents may have on the involved resources or operations


Benefits of Innovare Penetration Testing and Vulnerability assessment Services

  • Intelligently manage vulnerabilities 
  • Avoid the cost of network downtime 
  • Meet regulatory requirements and avoid fines 
  • Preserve corporate image and customer loyalty 


Our VAPT service sets out to test and verify the security of your bank’s mobile application and its supporting systems, emphasis is on verifying security controls internally and externally to ensure Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability and Authenticity of data and information systems. The proposal also seeks to identify vulnerabilities from a technical perspective and to recommend safeguards and cyber security controls and best practices.