Innovare provides independent, pragmatic PCI DSS expertise to help you develop and improve your current security program in order to meet your PCI DSS compliance requirements. Our consultancy is entirely flexible and based on what your organization requires.



  • Compliance

Most importantly, we can help you achieve or maintain compliance. No matter how simple or complicated your payment channels are, we’re here to help get you through.


  • Clarity

We can demystify the requirements of the PCI DSS, cutting through the grey to help you implement compliant and effective controls.


  • Cost effective

Don’t waste money on areas you don’t need to. We charge sensible rates and take a pragmatic approach centered around your needs, not selling days.


  • Speed

Speed up your compliance program by engaging us as your expert guide. We have a wealth of experience, Polices and good ideas that will get you compliant faster.

Our Methodology


  • PCI DSS Scope & Gap Analysis

Identifying an accurate scope of your environment is one of the most critical phases of the compliance program. During this phase a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) will assist you in identifying the areas of the business that store, process and transmit cardholder data in the light of the strategy phase above, ensuring that scope reduction strategies are fully documented and agreed. At the end of this phase a fully defined, minimal scope for compliance should remain.


  • PCI DSS Remediation & Pre-audit Assessment

This remediation phase will address the gaps identified in the PCI DSS Gap Analysis above, and will involve technical change, business process change, training, awareness and all the other steps identified in the previous phases as being necessary to achieve compliance. Innovare can play a number of roles in the remediation phase as desired by the client – we can act as a simple sounding board for proposed changes, or we can fully engage in aiding the often-complex organizational changes required by the compliance project.


  • PCI Compliance Remediation Service & PCI-DSS Training

When a pre-assessment or onsite audit identifies a compliance gap, quick remediation is vital. Innovare’s PCI compliance team includes technology and GRC experts from a range of functional practice areas. This expertise assures you that any identified gap will be remediated by highly qualified experts.


  • PCI DSS Audit

PCI DSS compliance validation is an annual requirement for any organization that is required to comply with the PCI data security standard.

The assessment includes:

  • Certification Assessment Preparation
  • Onsite Validation Assessment
  • Compliance Reporting