Innovare is management consulting firm focused on information security, IT risk, IT audit and IT Governance. We provide training, consulting and thought leadership opportunities. We train and implement global best practices and standards. We have special skills in Information/cyber Security Management Systems where we have strong competencies in ISO 27001, PCI, Cobit, IT Audit Services, Cyber Crime Investigations, Cyber Law and the entire spectrum of IT Security training requirements. Our delivery methodology is built on forming partnerships with our clients based on trust and professionalism.

Innovare’s CHFI v9 covers detailed methodological approach to computer forensic and evidence analysis. It provides the necessary skillset for identification of intruder’s footprints and gathering necessary evidence for its prosecution. All major tools and theories used by cyber forensic industry are covered in the curriculum.

The certification can fortify the applied knowledge level of law enforcement personnel, system administrators, security officers, defense and military personnel, legal professionals, bankers, computer and network security professionals, and anyone who is concerned about the integrity of the network and digital investigations.

Innovare is an EC-Council ATC (Accredited Training Center). We are leaders in professional certification training in Cyber Security, IT risk, IT audit, information security and IT Governance. Our instructors are practitioners with years of practical experience.

Our various training & preparation programs are as follows:

Official Course Review

This training delivery will cover the entire syllabus within the 14 module areas. You can take the course as a 5-day boot camp or five 8 hour sessions on Saturdays.


The Course Agenda


  • Computer forensics in today’s world
  • Computer forensics Investigation Process
  • Understanding hard disks and file system
  • Data acquisition and duplication
  • Defeating anti-forensics techniques
  • Operating system forensics
  • Network forensics


Course Objectives

  • Comprehensive forensics investigation process
  • Investigating web attacks Database  forensics Cloud   forensics Malware forensics Investigating email crimes Mobile forensics
  • Forensics report writing and presentation
  • Forensics of file systems, operating systems, network and database, websites and email systems
  • Techniques for investigating on cloud, malware and mobile
  • Data acquisition and analysis as well as anti-forensic techniques
  • Thorough understanding of chain of custody, forensic report and presentation

Our professionals are industry leaders who understand technical, business, regulatory and legal matters and are seasoned in giving expert testimony. They represent top talent across disciplines, including engineers, architects, accountants, quantity surveyors, planning and scheduling specialists, cost engineers, project managers communications professionals.

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